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Events in Year 2010

Jan 2010

Feb 2010

1.   Announced Rs 5 Lakhs for Dispute free villagesunder Dispute Resolution (Tanta mukta) Scheme….Dainik Matrubhumi 6 feb2010

March 2010

2.   Performed Bhoomipuja Ceremony of road development work of Rs 50 Lakhs from Chikhli to Lawahala…….Dainik Ekch Dhyas News  Paper on 3 March 2010.

3.   Visited to family affected by hailstone (Garpit) & farmers….…Dainik Ekch Dhyas News  Paper on 13March 2010, Dainik Ekch Dhyas News  Paper on 17 March 2010.

May 2010

4.   Organized“Apang Seva Mahayagya” program to help needy and poor Handicapped people at Paramhansa Ramkrushna Maunibaba Sansthan at Chikhli………… News  Paper on 2 March 2010.

5.   innaguration of new buiilding of  Tahasil Karyalaya of Rs. 1 Crore and 8 Lakhs at chikhli….. Matrubhumi News  Paper on 2 March 2010.

6.   Janganana 2010-11 started using National Population Register ……………………… News  Paper on 3 March 2010.

7.   Performed Bhoomipuja Ceremony  of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar conference hall and MadinaMasjid Security wall at Satgaon Mah. …News  Paper on 5March 2010.

8.   publication of book “Nagrikanchi Sanad” for informing people bout different government schemes …. News  Paper on 6 March 2010.

9.   formed committee  for Sanjay niradha Yojna at chikhli…  News  Paper on 6 March 2010.

10.                   informed to concerned authority to issue pending grants of Rs.83 Lakhs of old age  and destitute persons as early as possible…… News  Paper on 9 March 2010.

11.                     Distributed grants to 1500 Destitute persons under scheme “Sanjay Gandhi NiradharYojna” at Chikhli… News  Paper on 9 March 2010.

12.                   with due concern and efforts sanctioned amount of  Rs. 1Lakhs accidental life insurance for the family of  farmer…… News  Paper on 10 March 2010.

13.                   offered respect and honour to Buddhist community Bhantejiat chikhli…. News  Paper on 11 March 2010.

14.                   organized blood donation camp at Eklara on the occasion of B’day …. News  Paper on 11 March 2010.

15.                    lokarpan Sohala of primaryhealth care center and animal hospital at village Masrul……  News  Paper on 11 March 2010.

16.                   Attended and inspired people for samuhik vivah ceremony at village Shelsur to avoid unnecessary expenses………News  Paper on 13 March 2010.

17.                   with the consistent efforts developed village Khor and awarded third prize as a “Adarsh Gaon” in Buldana district……News  Paper on 20 March 2010.

18.                   on the occasion of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayantidistributed School uniform to students at chikhli …… News  Paper on 21 March 2010.

19.                   Formed Yuvak Congress branch at ward no. 12 at chikhli….News  Paper on 11 March 2010…. News  Paper on 22 March 2010

20.                   Attended Lokarpan Sohala of “Tipu Sultabn Jamatkhana” at Khamgaon…… News  Paper on 25 March 2010

21.                   Performed Bhoomipuja Ceremony of water well at village Bhokar chikhli……………. News  Paper on 26 March 2010

22.                   Performed Bhoomipuja Ceremony of “Mahajal Yojna” of Rs.24 Lakhs including water well and pipeline etc. at village Tandulwadi ……………. News  Paper on 26 March 2010

June 2010

23.                   under “Shivkalin Pani Sathwan yojna “ scheme 22 vilages will be benefited by different work of Rs. 2.25 Crores for farmers…….NewsPaper on  5 June 2010

24.                   Distributed chara  for animals of farmers from government “chara Depo”…..Daini Lokmat News Paper on 13 June  2010

25.                   Performed Bhoomipuja Ceremony of water well at village berala………. News  Paper on 13 June  2010

26.                   Celebrated Maharana Pratap Jayanti at chikhli…. News  Paper on 13 June  2010

27.                   asked to doctors and supporting  staff to offer more facilities to patients in rainy season at govt. hospital chkhi…. News Paper on 16 June  2010

28.                    inauguration of Compute room at Udasin Maharaj Anganwadi Chikhli. News  Paper on 16 June  2010

29.                   Inauguration of finance and scheduling office at Chikhli..News  Paper on 16 June  2010

30.                   Performed Bhoomipuja Ceremony of rain water harvesting at village khor to cultivate morethan 250 Acers of land….. News  Paperon 17 June  2010

31.                   Performed Bhoomipuja Ceremony of Maroti Temple at village khor……….. News  Paper on 17 June  2010

32.                   Performed Bhoomipuja Ceremony of rain water harvesting at village Dhad… News  Paper on 18 June  2010

33.                   Performed Bhoomipuja Ceremony of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar conference Hall at village Bhalgaon…………News  Paper on 19 June  2010

34.                   vijay sonwal appointed as a sevadal  shehar adhakshaya from congress party …… VidarbhaDarpan News  Paper on 21 June  2010

35.                   attended function of wasanti Mali felicitation program at Buldana…………. Paper on 22 June  2010

36.                   Given economical help to miss Manisha Kapse for her medical treatment through Anuradha mission…. Dainik Matrubhumi Paper on 23June  2010

37.                   announced that Hon’ble mukulji wasnik sir’s decision would be final for appointing people different posts at Taluka level…. Dainik Matrubhumi Paper on 23 June  2010

July 2010

38.                   Visited to people affected due to heavy rain at village Undri…. Punya Nagri News  Paper on 8 July 2010

39.                   Offered economical help of Rs 11 thousands to the family of person dead due to heart attack in the area of bazaar Samittee at chikhli…Dainik Vidarbha Darpan News  Paper on 11July  2010

40.                   it is possible to get the production of enrich cotton nowin India after returning from tour of Egypt……Dainik Lokshahi News  Paper on 17 July  2010

41.                   Due to consistent efforts Ballaldevi Sansthan at Amdapurshas got the class B grade Holy place (Tirthakshetra)  grant from government ……… Dainik Lokshahi News  Paper on 20 July  2010

42.                   Grant Sanctioned of Rs. 2 Crores for road development work from village Dhuda to Hatni…Vidarbha Darpan News  Paper on 26 July  2010

43.  Visited to place affected by storm at village Hatni and ToranwadaMatrubhumi News  Paper on 27 July 2010


August 2010

44.                   Offered economical help of Rs. 15 thousands for medical treatment of heart desease…. Dainik matrubhumi News  Paper on 12 Aug.2010

45.                   Given food to the people affected by heavy rain near Rohidas Nagat at Chikhli….. Dainik Sanj News Paper on 27 Aug.2010

46.                   Offered economical help of Rs. 5 thousands to the family affected due to storm ……Sanj Parikrama News Paper on 29 Aug.2010


Oct 2010

47.                   Requested to hon’ble Chief minister to give justice to farmers affected due to heavy rain….. Paper on 19  Oct 2010

48.                   In a Year finished the development work of Rs 200 Crores……News Paper on 22  Oct 2010.

49.  Performed Bhoomi puja Ceremony of development work of lakhs of rupees for road development…… News  Paper on 26 Oct 2010

Nov 2010

50.  Elected in District cooperative bank election …. Lokmat News  Paper on 13 Nov 2010

51.  felicitated Hon’ble chief minister Pruthviraj chauha at Delhi… News Paper on 29 Nov 2010

Dec 2010

52.   Felicitation of newly elected Sabhapati and Upasabhapati of Krushi Utpanna Bazar Samiti….. … News Paper on 2 Dec 2010

53.  Sanctioned Agriculture insurance of Rs. 10 Lakhs and 28 thousands for 180 farmers…. News Paper on 2 Dec 2010

54.  Requested to Hon’ble Ajitdada Pawar to transfer the contract of Infra Project  to another company…. News Paper on 2 Dec 2010

55.   Help must be given to farmers suffered due to heavy rain….. Lokmat News Paper on 2 Dec 2010

56.  Accepted the post of resident of S.T. workers congress association at Buldana…. Vidarbha Dapan News Paper on 2 Dec 2010

57.  Request letter to Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Pruthviraj Chauhan  ….. News Paper on 7 Dec 2010

58.  Felicitation of Hon’ble MLA for being elected as a Director of district Cooperative Bank Buldana… News Paper on 7 Dec 2010

59.  Called the meeting of City Youth Congress at Janaseva Karyalaya at Chikhli… News Paperon 7 Dec 2010

60.  Felicitation of Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Pruthviraj Chauhan atDelhi… News Paper on 7 Dec 2010

61.  Distributed Rs. 5 Lakhs and 50 thousands to 55 Abandoned women through Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojna at Chikhi… News Paper on 8 Dec 2010

62.  Attended meeting of Sallagar Samiti at City Hospital (Gramin Ralaya) atchikhli…….. NewsPaper on 8 Dec 2010

63.  Contract of Infra Project transferred to another company stated by Hon’ble Ajitdada Pawar by considering request letter form of MLA RahulbhauBondre, bringing  in to notice the Delay of installation of Electric power supply Substation -----News Paper on 9 Dec 2010

64.  Raised argument regarding Declaration of Package for VidarbhaRegion farmers suffered due to heavy rain…. Sakal News Paper on 10Dec 2010

65.  Include different crops like Soya beans, Greengram(Mung), Black Gram(Udid) in Package for Vidarbha Regionfarmers suffered due to heavy rain….  News Paper on 10 Dec 2010

66.  Inauguration of newly born Child Care Unit in Gramin Rugnalaya at chikhli News Paper on 10 Dec 2010

67.  Appointed as Senate member of Dr. Punjabrao Deshmukh Krushi Vidapith (PKV) AkolaNews Paper on 16 Dec 2010 

68.  Got the Sanction of 125 power Transformers for substation for farmers…… News Paper on 18 Dec2010

69.   Unsatisfied MLAs due to small Package declared for Vidarbha Region…… News Paper on 19 Dec 2010,  News Paper on 19 Dec 2010

70.  Performed Bhoomi puja Ceremony of Road development work from Chikhli to Sakegaon…. News Paper on 19 Dec 2010

71.  Performed Bhoomi puja Ceremony of Road development work at Dhad taluka Chikhli…. News Paper on 20 Dec 2010

72.  Organized Eye disease Camp at village palaskhed Sapkal (Shelsur) where 280 patients benefited …… News Paper on 23 Dec 2010

73.  Appealed to get help more than 50% for Vanished crops due to heavy rain during month June to November Lokmat News Paper on 25 Dec 2010

74.  Performed Bhoomi puja Ceremony of Conference Hall of Rs. 3 Lakhs at Village Chandanpur taluka Chikhli... Dainik Lokmat News Paper on 25  Dec 2010

75.  Attended Scout Guide district level program at village Sakhar Kharda in Taluka Sindkhedraja…….. Lokmat News Paper on 25 Dec 2010

76.  Requested to Hon’ble Chief Minister Pruthviraj Chauhan to bear/share 50% expended by State for Jalna Khamgaon RailwayrouteLokshahi Warta News Paper on 26 Dec 2010

77.  Attended Christmas Celebration program at church of Nazarin and given donation of Rs 5 lakhs atChikhli… News Paperon 26 Dec 2010 

78.  Performed Bhoomi puja Ceremony of Development work atvillage Karwand taluka Chikhli……… News Paper on 26 Dec 2010

79.  Performed Bhoomi puja Ceremony of road development work of National highway no 206 of Rs. 80 Lakhs near village kolara taluka chikhil…. Lokmat News Paper on 26 Dec 2010

80.  Attended “Swachata Abiyan” organized On the death Anniversary of Sant Gadge baba …….. Lokmat News Paper on 28 Dec 2010

81.  Performed Bhoomi puja Ceremony of Cement road development work of Rs. 4 Lakhs in ward no 2 at Taluka chikhli… Lokmat News Paper on 30 Dec 2010

82.  Rehabilitation of village Manmod under for Pentakli water damp taluks chikhli……. Matrubhumi News Paper on 30 Dec 2010

83.  Felicitation by the auspicious hands of Guru of Lingayat community of Sansthan Sakharkherda  at village Dongaon, taluka Chikhli….. deshonnati News Paper on 31 Dec 2010